It is the day after Thanksgiving.

The Heartfelt Cardiac Projects team spent the day

with their respective friends and families,

sharing the blessings of life and relationships.

We’d like to take this opportunitiy

to thank those who support our efforts to save more lives

from Sudden Cardiac Death (SCA)

Our many volunteers who donate their time to oversee heart screening events


The cardiologists and technicians

who volunteer their time and expertise

in administering, reviewing and analyzing EKG & ECHO results


The companies and organizations

that donate or loan heart screening equipment and supplies


The many schools, businesses and organizations

who provide locations so that more people can be screened


For those who promote us

in their blogs, on Facebook, on Twitter and in so many other ways


To the press who has been so generous

in providing us with coverage in a number of media forums


To the foundations and corporate giving programs

who offer us monetary support throughout the year


To the families who work tirelessly

to further this cause because their loved one’s lives were spared


And to the families of those who in memory of loved one’s lost,

now work tirelessly to raise public awareness

of the need for affordable screenings and early detection


It is because of you

that we have been able to steadily increase

the numbers of affordable heart screenings to the public

and save lives from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

A Heartfelt Thanks!

~Heartfelt Cardiac Projects



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